• Why I LOVE Engagement Sessions

    I LOVE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS! The perfect way to get to know me---and a great excuse to laugh and be silly with your fiance! Most people tell me they are nervous for their engagement sessions, or they are awkward in front of the camera, or the infamous "what should I wear?" question.

    These sessions are all about who you are as a couple. They should look like no one else's, they should be meaningful, and they should tell your unique story. Thats exactly what I love about engagement sessions. I get to hear all about the couple along the way; where they first met, places they love, and how excited they are to be married. 

    Here are a few things I've learned over the years when approaching engagement sessions:

    They should be FUN! Lets not try so hard to be something we're not. Lets be adventurous and silly!

    Choose a meaningful place--your favorite cafe, the park you walk your dog at everyday , the neighborhood you had your first date in, or even just a gorgeous mountain that you both are inspired by.

    Just be YOU. You're with your favorite person in the world. Embrace it and love this amazing, short season your in.